Week 23 MKE Business Growth Expected…

This week was full of training with a new network marketer that I have been blessed to of stumbled across online and I took up a free 5 day challenge for growing leads on social media.

I was super motivated and there was no procrastination I noticed that I just dived in and watched the video as it came daily, listened, took notes and then ACTIONED!!!!!

This was so cool because he is the type of coach that tells his clients that you must action the steps to be successful, so here I am taking the 5 day challenge and feeling wonderful with all my Master Key Lessons still embedded inside my mind and body, it was so simple and easy to follow and just do what I needed to do to get results.

I loved that I have to start a new fan page on Facebook and go and grab new members from learning how to attract the audience that is appropriate for my niche!

So with the Master Keys and this 5 day challenge I was busy but happy and focused and my anxiety was much improved.

I want to work on growing my fan page and being able to get my affiliate offers in front of the correct audience. I have some big goals this year and my mission is always evolving. I will let you know more next blog as it needs the time devoted to take you on my DMP journey and where I am at right now. Finishing STRONG!!!



Week 22a MKE Bushfires and no rain

This week was a continuation of some anxiety, our home State and local area was struck with the seasonal Bushfires, so in the close areas there were 19 burning out of control in our scorching hot conditions of having vert hot, dry weather in the very high 30’s, this makes it harder for the firefighters.

Areas were evacuated and we had friends in the immediate effected areas who has to flee with only their pets and then wait and see if they lost their house with belongings in them.

We heard there were many who lost everything in the fires and needed clothes, so we looked through our wardrobes and got a heap of unworn clothes that were needed more by these families now so we gathers up many bags full and dropped them off to the evacuation centres that were set up.

There were emergency lists for the firefighters too, over 1000 were deployed and fighting and needed to be fed and watered and taken care of, our community has really banded together to help and support and it has been really beautiful to see.

The fires are still burning and it is almost a week later but our weather has cooled and we have had some rainfall which is great to help with putting out the fires.

So it has been an emotional time for Victoria and particularly those effected by friends or family having their homes at risk.

So anxiety has been high for us all but again I am applying my Master Key Lessons and being strong and powerful to feel good and happy and excited about the next week.


Lana xo

Week 22 MKE…. Anxiety and my mindset to stop it in its tracks…..

This week was a challenging one as far as suffering with anxiety. I found myself somewhat having a setback and feeling my old Blueprint come back a little to plague my mind with fears that then manifested some panic out of nowhere and then anxiety to follow, the fear and worry of it happening again.

I am not sleeping well and keep waking up in the night 2 or 3 times and this then leads to a lack of sleep and I feel grumpy and have had not much patience with loved ones around me.

It has been difficult to get control of my emotions and thoughts but because of the Master Keys I have learnt to be strong against my anxiety and respond to if differently. My affirmations I use to combat the fearful thoughts and catastrophising are ….

“I am whole, perfect, powerful, strong, loving, harmonious and happy!”

When I repeat this over in my mind and say it out load it really does help and it does really work to replace my thoughts and assist me to calm down.

I think it has just been a hectic week and some things cropping up to deal with and with my dedication to running a successful online business in network marketing, lots of training in lead generation and leading a team myself was a little overwhelming.

I am being more mindful now of what tasks I am taking on and the thoughts I am thinking and my feelings as I have declared some more cement chipped away from my layers.


Lana xo

Week 21 MKE Crazy week but I finally took back my control….

This was tough week as things came to ahead with my sons behaviour and attitude about getting up for school at my house.

He refused to get up and go to school on the Friday and I was faced with his verbal abuse and anger and his violent temper that so often comes about when he does not like the way things are going.

Yes he has the brain tumour and the hormones out of balance and things can be challenging for him but it is evident that this condition is improving and this can not be relied upon anymore to blame this condition for shitty disrespectful behaviour in my home.

He does not display this in his dads home as he is such an angel for him all the time no matter what he is told to do or what is said, for me and my husband it is the exact opposite and I have been putting up with it for far too long, with no help from his dad but I have always found help through the means of a psychologist, mentor at school, anything to help him regulate his emotions but before Christmas he refused to return to the Psychologist that was getting good results working with him.

To cut a really long story short his dad and I had a meeting about his behaviour at school and my house and he was given a stern talking to about messing up his life etc. My ex has recently done a men’s behavioural program as he messed up in the past and had been a angry, violent partner I his relationships and not treated women well, he has recognised this and it is great to see a transformation that has taken place for his. I think he is ready to deal with our son and after a year of telling him about our sons behaviour and asking for help, he is finally ready to step up and help and support me.

We are on the same page, he is agreeable in getting our son the help he needs, we are searching for a life skills, confidence building programs for him and anger management for youth. We have made phone calls together and have the wheels in motion getting out son the help in every way that he needs. It is such a huge relief and now I feel in control and my son had been disempowered by my ex and I teaming and on the same page. Our son did a great job keeping us apart all this time, never wanting me to speak to his dad, intimidating me and the guilt and manipulation worked for a long time but I have t thank the Master Keys for empowering me and after all these week I was ready to step up and tell his dad and ask for the help again and take back the control.

I am super proud of myself and his dad for the changes we have made and the work we have done on ourselves to be better and stronger parents and now working together to give the best life to our son, who needs the emotional support and love and positivity.

We love him very much and we only want what is best for him and I know his dad can see he is making some of the same mistakes he made when he was a teen, he does not want to see him turn out like him and go down the wrong path.

I commend him for recognising it, admitting it now at 46 and steering our son in a positive direction, this is all I have ever wanted and what I have needed.

It is all in the timing and he is ready to work with me and this is a miracle in my book.

Thank you God


Lana xo

Week 20 MKE …..My Morning Miracle and S.A.V.E.R.S

This week I began something called the Morning Miracle, this is a book written by Hal Elrod. He is a survivor of cancer and he went on to write his book to help others with a very self healing journey and teaches a routine to do as soon as you wake up each morning, he has called this S.A.V.E.R.S.


This can be changed up to suit your needs and see how if feels for you.

I decided to choose to read first, so before I do anything else, no devices or checking emails etc I pick up a good book ( I have many going at once, lol) read for 20 minutes, then I include OG and do my scroll and BPB. Next I jump out of bed and put my fitness gear on and runners and go out for a 20 minute walk, it is glorious in the morning fresh air and sunshine. While I am walking I listen to my recordings of my DMP, All the affirmations that I have recorded and I do this for the whole time. Get home and do my scrolling, so this will be my gratitude cards and special moment from the day before and writing up in my diary all the task I need to get done for the day. Then I sit and relax in my chair in the quiet and so my sit in silence ( same as the Master Keys) I am experiencing this time not be only for meditation and visualising my DMP but I find myself praying to God and talking to him about everything on my mind and asking him for guidance and signs and help with situations etc. I am not a very good meditator it almost can male me feel anxious but I am finding that I am relaxing more and just going with the flow of it.

I absolutely love the routine so far Day 7 and it helps me to stay on track with one of my PPNs of True Health and the sits for MKE which I know I can do much better with.

I get up and move my body and  open my mind, you can choose however you want to exercise but just MOVE and do something light and easy. I encourage you to give it a try.

What else have I been doing for this week?

Oh I got my hair done for the 1st time in ages like 4 months! My regrowth was long and as I am always a light blonde it was desire to go back to this, it always gives me confidence and I feel better and happier, it suits me best. My bestie Michelle, known since our kids were in prep ( 9 years )  is a hairdresser and so it was amazing going over and catching up and having conversation and as we are both deep thinkers and feelers our catch ups are intense and very meaningful.

We got so excited because as we share what each of us are up to in our lives we came to the realisation that we need to partner up and do some things together to help others.

Mish is my biggest supporter and although there is 8 years difference in our ages we do not feel this at all and it is like we are the same as each other, she would like me to say she looks and feels 42 like me and not 51! lol. It is true she doesn’t look it.

I have not spoken of it much but I love Body Groove it is a unique fitness dancing movement and is incredible for your mind, body and spirit. I love it so much and all the benefits to your health that I feel absolutely pulled to become a facilitator and run workshops. I play my DVDs and just dance it out in my loungeroom. (If interested please comment and I can send you info on Misty and BG.)

Let me take you back a few weeks ago. I started to feel like I had to share this with my local community, help people experience this amazement! Really at that stage there was no chance for me to become a trainer as this was only a course for people overseas but oh how wonderful God is and how he works. I opened up my Facebook newsfeed about a week later.  I follow the page and it had a new article for and an announcement of all events coming up. It said that MISTY the trainer /owner is coming to my home town Melbourne in May and going to be running facilitator workshop training!!!!!!!!!

OH MY GOSH, was this real? I got goose bumps and got this feeling of elation and excitement and started to think to myself Can I do this?

What would the person I intend to become do next? came to my mind and I said to myself BOOK IT NOW !!!!!!!!

I will keep you posted on what I did in coming weeks, lets see if my old BP reared its ugly control and stopped me form jumping out of my comfort zone!!


Lana xo







Week 19 MKE No help with a Webbie this week……My Virtue is Enthuuuuusiasm!!

I will never forget our wonderful Trainer Mark saying the word Enthusiasm…..or rather he says ENTHUUUUUSIASM!! I love it so when I chose this for my virtue this week all I hear is Marks awesome voice telling us all to FEEL IT!!!

Gee did I have so much, last week was vastly different and this week just rocked full of new things and adventures, it really was a great time.

I loved the previous webbie on Happiness and writing up our new index cards says “what would the person I intend to be do next?”

Well I did a lot of things next towards my goals.

Built a 30 plus team in my new business in crypto, trained and added value and content to my team support page and have become a recognised leader in the leadership group that the CEO runs, this was amazing and I am so proud of myself for working hard and putting all the effort in to help others have a life changing income.

Another exciting thing I was booked into a course for the day from 1 weeks ago, last minute decision, the ad popped up on Facebook and instead of procrastinating and worrying about booking and the what ifs I just reached out asked the facilitator some location and price questions and with her prompt response being all that was assessible to me I BOOKED IT!!! So exciting and I did it this this week. It was amazing, How to become an author and write your 1st book!!!! Woo Hooo I was so enthusiastic to go and I got there and met some nice people and networked and listened and learnt off a super intelligent lady who has her inhouse publishing company and teaches people how to write a book! I have always dreamed of doing this and this year it is happening!! So that was the highlight of my week because I finally did something towards this, it is not even in my DMP but that door is open ha ha .

I also began my ukulele lessons, only had 1 and unfortunately did not get much done as the string broke when tuning it so the teacher spent the lesson teaching me how to tune and restring it lol.  Oh well it is what it was and onwards and upwards looking forward to the next.

School holidays finished too if I didn’t say this last time, so good to have some days back to myself and really focus on being the MK student as I just love it and it, so much ENTHUUUUSIASM this week.

I have even inspired my husband to do his DMP and guided him into lesson 1!! Talk about getting ready for the becoming a guide, hmmm I wonder if I will?

Blessings Lana xx

Week 18 MKE….My Virtue is Courage!!

This week really sucked, it was terrible I was full of anxiety and panic and just could not relax and be content. I had 2 old blueprint anxiety symptoms show up and I really didn’t cope that well.

This made me teary and emotional, moody and short with my family as I just was gfeeling this wqs not fair. I was thinking I have come so far in the Master Keys and soooo much self healing has taken place so I could not undersand why I was having these things come about. Also I was feeling not god enough or important as I was continuing to grow a new affiliate marketing rols that I am in for a cryptocurrency opportunity to work from home and help others do the same. My team was buiding rapidly and out of control leads that I was converting into members but then along came the training and spending my time with them and there was no appreciation being shown from others. I notice my old blueprint coming back in a bit and having some doubts and negative feelings about the situation.

I guess the best thing was that I did not allow myself to mope around too long and I was able to get out of that limited mindset again and change into a more positive mindset and put into action more flashing of my index cards and just studying more and more to feel all the amazing things about who I am becoming and saying goodbye to the old me full of doubts, fears and anxiety.

I questioned weather this was a bit of a process my mind and body were going through to shed my old self ready for my transformation into my new authentic self.

I did a polo, had some support and love some from my guide and tribe and this helped me get through and keep on the path to happiness. I was very down and just left a message to vent but also to get some hope and inspiration from my friends there. They di did amazing to send me messages back and instil some hope into me that I will move through this phase, they were right.

It took some days as I had anxiety for almost the week and then a gum issue and had to go off to the dentist and that brought on even more anxiety as I am most defiantly a chicken when it comes to dentists lol.

I give myself permission to be Healthy and well with true health and I give myself permission to be happy and successful!


Lana xo






WEEK 17 Hero’s Journey and Virtue Self Control…..

This was a challenging week with this virtue. I have done some easier ones up to now but this was difficult at times.

I found myself fighting off cravings for food, sugary yummy treats lol!!

I was so proud of myself as I did show self control. I said no and found a replacement. My favourite cheese and crackers were so hard to not eat as I love to snack on them in the afternoon but as I am making healthy choices I had to quit the Carbs in this way.

I also went without chocolate, my favourite Lindt Balls, hmmm yummm but I know that since Christmas I had consumed far too many and this was not aligned with my True Health!!! So you will be pleased to know for a whole week I had not 1 chocolate anything!!

So among the week I also practised self control with a person that has ticked me off and undermined me in business. I had my words all ready to send in the messenger and all I had to do was click the arrow and it would be sent and start most likely a big disagreement. I thought better of it, let it go and although I feel I was the correct one I just deleted the words and did not respond, this took some restraint but I did it!! I am happy I took that road because today was a good day!

I managed to watch a Netflix doc that we were told to check out Myths and Monsters, it was really good and I enjoyed all the references to Star Wars and all the Hero’s involved in the Trilogy, love my Sci fi!

The lessons seem easier now as there is not so much practical work load, more about adding index cards, the main things I am getting done.

I add my 3 things I am grateful for each day and my special moment and shuffle in all my pile around the house and I am still flashing!!!

Looking forward to week 18 tomorrow, geee it is this far into the course already? Havent I done so well!!

Blessings Lana xo

WEEK 17 MKE…Wait for it…Shrunk by 33%!!!!!!

Without any doubt after setting my mindset to healing the tumour has shrunk by 33 % and God is GOOD!!!!

Yahhh we are so HAPPY and I am so relieved that the treatment is working, we knew from his blood tests that it was bringing down the prolactin levels and his thyroid levels were rising.

The MRI was the much needed test to see the images of his brain and see that the tumour was indeed smaller, it most certainly is and was just absolute elation to hear the Neurosurgeon say she has fantastic results for us!!

Both MRI’s were put on her computer screen and she talked us through the old images and the new. WOWWWWW it was incredible to see that it is smaller, not so much of a jagged mass now but it is a rounded smaller circle, the tumour has shrunk away from his optic nerves and this means that his sight is no longer at risk, we jumped for joy hearing these word. The idea of surgery is off the minds of the DRs now and will not be necessary, they are not concerned any longer as the treatment has worked and he has responded fast and extremely well to it.

I never knew at the time but they have never tried this medication on a teen in the Royal Children’s Hospital, my son is the 1st case of his age that they have had so it was extra awesome to have there results so far!!

I got very teary and started to cry as she explained the images and talked all the dr jargon, that really was a very special moment. I gave my boy a big hug and squeezed him tight and as a mother it was a huge relief for me.

My virtue for this week was Specialized  Knowledge and I was very aware that I was around this as the specialist had so much to say about the brain and the outcome so far.

We go back in 2 weeks to have more blood work done, then a new MRI in May, bring on more shrinking it will be even smaller!!!!

More about MKE next time, this was a special blog just about our amazing time going to hospital!!

Have a great week, catch ya next time, thank you for all your prayers, they work!!!

Blessings Lana xo


MKE Week 16 Part 2 Just Get Flashing!!

Here we are at the end of week 16, say what? Really wow it really is amazing that we have all come this far and I just love that my life has been filled with this amazing course and all the people alongside it, a true blessing at the right time for me!! I am so grateful!!

Grateful cards, yes so I am being so good and writing up 3 a day, either in the morning or at bedtime. These have been added to my piles I now have.

I have made random pile of cards to flash and read all over my house LOL! Well Mark told me too!!

There are some in the loo, the wardrobe, the kitchen, the office, the loungeroom, my bedside and anywhere else I can add them too so each time I visit these places I pick up a pile and flash, my subby is getting loads of wonderful messages! I love the special moments cards, it makes me feel emotional reading these and thinking back to amazing memories.

I took a trip to the stationary store, on my shapes posters now that we have moved onto 2 shapes only filled in, things were not right with it because 2 of my shapes information is past, the dates have gone and I didn’t achieve my goals in this time, so after a chat to my guide I will do some fresh ones and put in the dates to work towards again now.

I also want to take a look at my DMP and some things have evolved for me and other discoveries, so it is not feeling accurate to me lately. I will seek advice on this too and ask if I can make changes to flow better for all my cards, recording etc.

Looks like I will not make the Webclass tomorrow as it is a very important day, we go back to hospital for my son’s next MRI on his brain.

I am very nervous now, not only for what my son will have to go through with the contrast injected in him again and the test in the MRI, lying there waiting to have his brain scanned in a hundred different images and not being able to move and inch…… no not that at all, it’s the impending results, we will see if the Tumour has GONE,SHRUNK and the treatment has worked. We do have an inclination because of al the blodd test results but to be able to see his brain images again and see that Prolactinoma gone this will be a very moving moment of Relief and Joy and happiness for sure for him, me and the family!!!!!

So please put your prayers together for Bailey and me for  a smooth MRI process and learning of his complete healing when we go back for the results on Wednesday, much appreciated and love and light to you all for thinking about us!

Have a wonderful week everyone. Next blog post will be Celebrations!!!!!


Lana xo